This Life (CA) - Season 2

This Life (CA) - Season 2
This Life (CA) - Season 2

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Watch This Life (CA) - Season 2

Synopsis This Life (CA) - Season 2

Natalie begins to think about Maggie’s assertion that she focuses too much of her life on her children, while she should spend more time thinking about herself. Natalie may disagree. Something that Natalie does not yet know is that Caleb is contemplating going to Africa for the summer on a work term, while figuring out what to do about his relationship with Ariel. Emma has just started a triathlon program - something that Natalie feels will take up too much of her precious time - while she adjusts to being in the same class as Romy. Gifted Romy may have problems …

  • This Life (CA) - Season 2
  • Torri Higginson
  • Lauren Lee Smith
  • Rick Roberts
  • Richard Blaimert

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